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Tweetdeck v.0.32登場:リスト(Lists)をサポート、LinkedInも利用可能に

先ほどTwitterクライアントのTweetdeckがアップデートされた。Seesmicが先行したTwitter上のリスト(Lists)の読み込みにも対応し、再びSeesmicと機能で肩を並べる形となった。 また新たにLinkedInにも対応し、Tweetの内容をTweetdeckからLinkedInに投稿できるようになった。





- ADDED LinkedIn column type
- ADDED LinkedIn column filter pane
- ADDED Send LinkedIn status update
- ADDED Comment on LinkedIn status updates
- ADDED View LinkedIn profile
- ADDED support for Twitter Lists
- ADDED option to export TweetDeck group to a Twitter List
- ADDED option to create new Twitter List
- ADDED option to give a Twitter list a description
- ADDED option to add a Twitter List column via the URL
- ADDED ability to unfollow a Twitter List
- ADDED ability to populate a new Twitter List from existing friends list
- ADDED ability to populate a new Twitter List from any other list already in TweetDeck
- ADDED ability to populate a new Twitter List from any existing TweetDeck groups
- ADDED ability to populate a new Twitter List by using Twitter People Search
- ADDED ability to populate a new Twitter List with suggested people based on List title
- ADDED drag & drop of List members in List management screens
- ADDED Avatar view for List members in List management screens
- ADDED List details to Twitter profile pane
- ADDED new-style ReTweets now visible in all streams
- ADDED ability to perform new-style or traditional retweet
- ADDED setting to define default retweet method
- ADDED profile pane for Lists
- UPDATED Report Spam feature to use new Twitter spam reporting process
- UPDATED Twitter profile pane to be clearer
- UPDATED Settings panel UI
- UPDATED Quick Profile function to include lookup of lists
- FIXED Red "over limit" background shows too early when composing a DM
- FIXED moving the @username breaks the "in reply to" link in a mention
- FIXED clicking reply/retweet selects the overall default account, rather than Twitter default
- FIXED clicking Follow from detailed notification does not update info in Followers column
- FIXED Column scrolls to selected update on each new API call
- FIXED deselected Facebook pages are selected on restart
- ADDED new Add Column button
- ADDED new column add/edit screens
- ADDED service icon for each column
- ADDED option to enable/disable keyboard shortcuts
- ADDED Log Out option to tray/dock menu
- ADDED updates marked as "read" when navigated over via keyboard
- ADDED link to help page from Login screen
- ADDED settings to control close & minimise behaviour
- UPDATED Login screen to be clearer abot credentials being requested
- UPDATED Add to TweetDeck Group function to allow adding to a group that has no column
- FIXED changing group membership reloads previously cleared "seen" tweets
- FIXED problem when updating bit.ly account details
- FIXED problem with uploading multiple images
- FIXED bit.ly error message appearing in update box when not authenticated

« Foursquareは位置情報系の新興勢力 | トップページ | Googleストリートビュー、新潟でもスタート »






« Foursquareは位置情報系の新興勢力 | トップページ | Googleストリートビュー、新潟でもスタート »



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